About Nikki

Owner/Dog Trainer

Nikki Vanderbeke is a dog trainer and dog agility trainer and competitor. She has 14 years of experience in training dogs to be well-behaved members of their family, as well as teaching our canine friends to excel in agility. 

She uses positive reinforcement techniques in both agility training and dog training and is committed to education and growth in the field of dog training and agility. She attends several seminars a year and stays in touch with all the current techniques and science regarding dog training and agility training. 

In addition to offering agility classes for all experience levels, she also coaches agility teams one-on-one, either as a replacement for classes, or to problem-solve any issues they might be having. 

Her philosophy about agility training and competition is that it is not about the ribbons, it’s about having fun with your dog.