About Nikki

Owner/Dog Trainer

Nikki started training dogs professionally in 2007 at I Dig My Dog in Pasadena CA. Over the years she gained experience working with all breeds of dogs and a wide array of behavior issues.


She is passionate about helping puppies and their families have the best possible start to a happy life together. Actively coaching families how to prevent, or fix, common issues like jumping up and barking on a leash, while training pups basic obedience.


But older dogs can learn new tricks too! Nikki specializes in leash reactivity, where the dog barks and lunges at the end of the leash, when he encounters strangers or dogs. She’s developed a training method which she calls ‘cooperative training’. It’s based on actively involving the dog in the training process, showing them how they themselves can make better decisions. Dogs want to please their owners, they sometimes just need some help figuring out how.


However, having a well-behaved dog, also means they need exercise. Which is why Nikki started offering dog walking as well as dog training. A bored dog is a mischievous dog. Dogs need a combination of mental and physical exercise to fit harmoniously into our families. Body and mind. We help you with both!