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Agility is the fastest growing dog sport, where dogs learn to navigate obstacles such as jumps, tunnels, teeters and weave poles. Whether you are looking to compete, or just have fun with your dog, dog agility is the thing for you. It greatly improves the bond and connection with your dog, and helps your dog become more focused and well-behaved outside of class. There is no team like an agility team!

All dogs, whatever shape or size, can play at agility. Even as they are learning to follow their handlers around the course, they are just having fun playing with their humans. Agility classes are a great way to both mentally and physically satisfy the needs of high-energy dogs. They are also an amazing confidence builder in shy dogs. But beware, agility is highly-addictive!


At A Dog in Motion we believe that agility should be about more than earning ribbons and titles. It's about having fun and spending time with your dog, while improving your bond and connection. So come and play!


(Scroll down for more info on classes.)

6 week agility class - $ 240.00
              Private Sessions - $ 50.00 / 30 minutes             

Agility Class schedule:

(See below for more information)


Advanced      6 pm - 7 pm

Advanced      7 pm - 8 pm

Advanced      8 pm - 9 pm


Beginner   6 pm - 7 pm

Private lessons available.

(More info below)


A Dog in Motion currently uses the beautiful facilities at I Dig My Dog in Pasadena CA. We have access to a spacious field with soft grass and new, sturdy equipment. I Dig My Dog is a top-rated doggy daycare and boarding facility in Pasadena, with a bone-shaped pool for the dogs to enjoy on these hot days here in Southern California. A lot of the dogs that train at A Dog in Motion, like to spend some time splashing and running around at daycare to help them focus and have fun in class.


Please be advised that all Thursday classes, except the Foundations class, are on-going. If you want to join any of these classes, you will have to come in for a try-out to assess your level. Some classes might be at full capacity (max. of 6 dogs).

- Foundations: Entry level, for dogs with no experience in agility. Dogs will be taught all obstacles, owners will learn the first steps of handling their dogs over and through obstacles.

- Beginners: For dogs who are familiar with all the agility obstacles and owners who know some handling.

- Intermediate: Sequences of 6 obstacles or longer.

- Advanced: Full length courses, dogs must know weave poles (6 or 12).

At Home Private lessons

I offer private at home agility lessons to work on specific skills or to get started on a solid agility foundation. A lot of skills can be started on or strengthened at home and then transfer easily to actual agility equipment.

Skills like:

- Jumps

- Tunnels

- Contacts

- Weaves

I bring the equipment. The only requirement is that you have a level yard big enough for your dog to run at, take  & land a jump.

$ 60.00 / 30 minutes
Private Coaching

One-on-one internet based coaching with Nikki. You need a camera, a Youtube account and of course some agility equipment.

Contact us for more info

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